These boots are made for riding

I’m not going to lie, but I am really hard on a pair of shoes. I go through at least two pairs of boots every show season, but I will NOT give up on my lucky $35 custom boots… yes, $35 dollar custom boots.

My boots have earned a special place in my room and my heart.

Tall boots run about $1,100 dollars for me. I like my Der-Dau’s with the gator skin and silver monogram tag. But  in 8th grade I didn’t spend that much on boots… more like $200 Ariat’s.

It was July and I was helping an older lady with her horse when I busted the zipper in my boots. She let me wear old custom boots and they were perfect. I won every class that day, so instead of getting paid $35 to help this lady she gave me her boots. That was in 2009 and yes, I am still the same size.

Later that year, in a flat class, I was asked out on my first date in the boots and I had my first kiss in the boots. They are lucky. I have worn my boots in airports across the country, to Tiffany & Co in downtown Cincinnati, and to many riding banquets. They are well traveled. I was wearing my boots when I had my first car accident and when I met Bruce Springsteen.

If they don’t completely fall apart I guarantee I will wear them on my wedding day and I will probably get engaged in my boots (I will be sure to let my future fiance know about this plan) … it seems like fate is in their favor.


One comment on “These boots are made for riding

  1. lwiseman says:

    Love. It. Excellent, focused, polished post! Nice.

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