My old Kentucky home

Lexington, Kentucky is home of UK basketball, hot browns, bourbon, and some of the most famous Thoroughbred farms in the world.

Fayette County’s roads are lined with black board fence and stone walls, and around Valentine’s day the future Kentucky Derby winner is probably taking his first steps. Man’O War, Citation, War Admiral, Whirlaway, and Zenyatta all famous horses born and raised in the Bluegrass. I’ve been going to Lexington since I was knee high to a grasshopper and even now I am still mesmerized by wonderful area.

The Horse Park, University of Kentucky, Midway, Ashland and Keeneland are my usual destinations. But the real treasure is on the corner Russel Cave and Ironworks Pike, The Jot’em Down. It is a hole in the wall with a screen door that will reach out and touch you, but the biggest names in the Thoroughbred business can be seen watching UK basketball and talking up their young blood over an Ale81 and bologna sandwich. It is my kind of place.

The area surrounding New Circle Road is essentially an overpriced daycare for expensive lawn ornaments to the untrained eye, but I see opportunity, tradition, and history.  The farms that lay nestled in the rolling hills have been around for generations and are worth millions. Horses aren’t just a hobby in Kentucky, they are an industry that I am beyond eager to get into.


5 comments on “My old Kentucky home

  1. shassey says:

    home to a UK basketball team that Duke beat

  2. hayeswilliam says:

    Kentucky has such a cool history, it is undeniable

  3. Who comes up with these crazy horse names????????

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