Tack box necessities

Unfortunately I  had to clean out my tack box (horse locker) last night , but I didn’t realize how much stuff I actually had. My box had enough tack for at least three horses, so I wanted to share my favorite items.

Roma Softie Reversible Saddle Pad

I have one in blue/ green and another in black/ white.

I have one in blue/ green and another in black/ white (Dover).

This is my favorite saddle pad. I love the fact it comes in a square and wither relief. They are only thirty dollars at Dover’s and they are worth their weight in gold. They only bad thing is that they are bulky and aren’t easy to monogram.

Roeckl® Chester Riding Gloves

These gloves are light and breathable.

These gloves are light and breathable (Dover).

I always wear gloves when I ride and my hands are abnormally pale, but I don’t have ridiculous blisters. These gloves are expensive and I have to buy about four pairs a year because I use them so much. Unlike other black gloves they don’t dye your hands black. I honestly can’t live without these gloves, but at almost fifty dollars they are pricey.

Cowboy Magic™ Green Spot Remover

It's a bath in a bottle.

It’s a bath in a bottle (Dover).

This is magic in a bottle. It is perfect for emergency touch ups on light colored horses and for days when it is to cold to give a bath. Cowboy Magic has very nice products that are not harsh one the horse’s skin, but they get stains out. It also works on clothes. White breeches and white show shirts are just begging for trouble and Cowboy Magic saves the day! At only ten dollars a bottle it is perfect!

Slick ‘N Easy™ fiberglass grooming block

These are so handy.

These are so handy(Dover).

This is probably one of my favorite tools to groom with. It is easy, effective, and time efficient. They are good for horses that are shedding, or that are caked in dried mud. I didn’t realize that you could clean them until recently by grinding off one of the edges on a wall. They are also good for removing annoying pills from sweaters, coolers, and especially North Faces.

Eskadron Climatex Polo Wraps

These are the best wraps that I have ever used.

These are the best wraps that I have ever used (Dover).

I wrap everything when I ride… call me crazy, but I would rather be safe than sorry. These are the greatest polo wraps ever. They are thinner than fleece wraps, but I feel like they give more support and are more flexible. They are super expensive compared to the ten dollar Dover wraps, but I have had mine for well over two years and I only hand wash them, so they are well worth the seventy dollars.

Pharmaka Sporty Sit-Tite Spray

I couldn't live without this spray.

I couldn’t live without this spray.

Oh lord, this is my favorite product. I honestly could not live without it. I have never had any problems with it corroding leather. I spray it on my reigns, chaps, half- chaps, saddle, and tall boots. The aresol spray goes on evenly and lasts for about three rides. The spray is also good to put on the bottom of slippery shoes, like Toms. I love this spray, but you can not leave it in your tack box in the winter because it will freeze and get weird. I highly recommend keeping a bottle in your tack box for emergencies. I was showing at the Horse Park and it was raining and my reigns were slick, so I went to a vender to get another bottle and it was twenty two dollars. It is almost eighteen dollars at my local tack store, but you can order it from Dover’s for sixteen dollars… so order two.

Irish Knit Anti-Sweat Sheet

This blanket is really good for showing indoors.

This blanket is really good for showing indoors.

I have had my knit sheet forever and I love it. The color has faded after a few years, but it is perfect for clipped horses in the winter. You can catch them on sale at Dover’s for around fifty five dollars in the off season, but they run about sixty to seventy at local tack stores. The sheets keep the horses dry and warm. Plus they are lighter and more manageable than rectangle wool sheets. The knit sheet I have is navy blue and is monogrammed, but with washing and excessive use the monogram looks a little skewed. These sheets get caught on spurs and anything sharp very easily, but they are totally worth the investment.

Nunn Finer No-Slip Contour Ultra Pad

I never ride without my no slip pad.

I never ride without my no slip pad.

I have a thing for horses with huge withers, so I have tried every no-slip pad out there, but this one is the best so far. It has a very nice outer seam that prevents tearing and rubbing, but it is soft and supple, so I can keep it hidden under a show pad. They do, however, leave a huge sweat mark and they get really grimy. I clean mine with dish soap and then spray in with rubbing alcohol to prevent fungus form spreading. They are around thirty five dollars, but I caught mine on sale at a local tack shop when they first came out for eighteen dollars.


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