… So you ride horses…

I am the first person to admit that horse people are weird, but society automatically makes us even more weird because we wear leather boots, “ride horses”, and use whips… kinky, I know. We really aren’t like that, but it is always fun going out in public in breeches and boots.

I was standing in line at 7 am on Saturday to get my scone and coffee from Sunrise bakery in Lex when some college kid asked me if I ride horses. What gave it away? The breaches, the boots, the fact I smelled like horse butt, or that Lexington is the horse capital of the world.

It always amazes me how the general public reacts to people wearing riding clothes. Gawking  is not appreciated or polite. People don’t stare at girls wearing soccer stuff into Kroger, but breaches throw up a huge red flag and EVERYONE asks about riding, but the best part is when they tell you about their riding experience.

The guy I meet at the bakery was telling me about how he rode a horse on vacation… that’s great. He then told me that the horse must have been seven feet tall. NO! Horses are not seven feet tall. He went on about how he wanted to gallop a black stallion breed of horse. Black is a color, not a breed, and you would not want to ride a stallion because it would try to kill you. The one-sided conversation went on for about fifteen minutes, my internal commentary was great, but I tried really hard to be polite and pretend like I cared… then I was late to the barn and my breakfast was cold.

Society is very awkward when it comes to equestrians and categorizes us as something we are not. So the next time you have a encounter an equestrian in full attire, don’t tell them about your pony ride on vacation, or stare. Just keep walking because they are probably going to make fun of you.


6 comments on “… So you ride horses…

  1. shassey says:

    It is not the average day when you see a horse-person in Kroegers

  2. olimauk says:

    You’ll have to forgive him. Normal people don’t know very much about the breed, height, or pretty much anything else about horses. And I would definitely stare at a girl in a soccer uniform, if she was hot.

  3. hayeswilliam says:

    That first paragraph has made me chuckle, good work!

  4. wmajchszak says:

    How many hands are in 7 feet? Is that a unit of measure for horses?

  5. erikflynn says:

    I rode a horse once

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